Why use a Recruiter?

\n\n\nBenefits of Working with a Recruiter\n\nA job search can be a stressful time in a person’s life. You may not know where your career is headed, health online what’s available, view try or how to network with the right people. That’s where recruiters come in. Think of them as a tour guide on the journey to finding the right job for you. Below are just a few reasons in a long list of why you should consider working with a recruiter for your career search:\n\nSmaller Pool\n\nWhen you submit your resume to an online job search site, you may be one of hundreds, even thousands, submitting to that particular opening. What’s worse, a lot of these sites have filters that discard resumes without certain keywords, so even if you feel like you’re highly qualified, there’s a chance your resume will never be seen by the hiring manager.\n\nRecruiters offer a different angle. Hiring managers that collect resumes from recruiters are looking at a much smaller number of candidates. So you’ll feel like you’re an actual prospect, and not just a drop in a very large bucket.\n\nTeamwork\n\nSometimes the worst part about a job hunt is that you feel alone, and you’re confused on which direction to take to land a job. While your friends and family are there to offer support, there’s little they can do to get your foot in the door at a great health care facility. Think of a recruiter as your promoter. Not only do they have the contacts you need, but they can also guide you along the way, from the initial process of writing a resume to the last step of getting hired.\n\nThe Inside Scoop\n\nThe DMR recruiter works with certain hospitals, clinics, Insurance and Pharmacy Benefit Management companies , and over time he or she develops a professional relationship with the hiring managers. Because of this, recruiters tend to have inside information on the hiring process at a particular place. They can give you resume and interview advice that only the insiders know, and they can reach out to the hiring manager and personally recommend you. They also may have information about jobs that are not yet posted or available to anyone else, so you can be the first to know about an opening.\n\nThe Greater Picture\n\nRecruiters don’t just have the contacts, they also are likely to have industry knowledge that you may not be aware of. For instance, they focus on industry trends and fluctuations that can be useful to you. Or they may be able to recognize qualifications you possess that would better match you to a different career than the one you’re seeking. Recruiters are often aware of average salaries and what you should be making, so they may be able to help you recognize your true worth in a time when you’re feeling down and out.\n\nBuild Your Team\n\nWouldn’t it be nice to have a team of supporters on your bench when you’re out in the field looking for a job? The career hunt is a time when you need the most confidence and support, especially from those that are able to help you get ahead of other candidates. That’s why it’s important to look into working with a recruiter. They’re there for you every step of the way; they can promote your skills and help you network, but they can also give you useful tips on how to land your dream career. Stay confident. When you’re feeling overwhelmed with your current situation, just reach out to your recruiter at Dove Management Resources

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