What’s the job market like?

We’re getting the above question more often then in the 10 years we’ve been recruiting Pharmacists.\n\nJust because we’re hearing that so often, salve try shows that there is concern by Pharmacists. The market has definitely turned, generic cialis no rx whether this is short term, or longer, only time will tell BUT there ARE jobs out there!!\n\nIt requires a little flexibility on your part, if possible. The positions that we are getting are not in the metropolitan areas where there tends to be a Pharmacy School and a number of unemployed Pharmacists. They tend to be in more rural locations; so if at all possible, you need to broaden your search.\n\nThe positions that we do get in highly desirable areas, are more specialized, such as ED, Pediatrics, Oncology Anticoagulation Pharmacists, Clinical Coordinators, Informatics Pharmacists and Director of Pharmacy.\n\nIt’s hard to tell what the future for Pharmacy will be, but so far everything that we’ve read shows that there is STILL a demand for Pharmacists. The number of older Pharmacists will have to retire; the aging population will require more medication needs, and the word may spread that it’s not as easy to find a position out of school; thus cutting back on Pharmacy applicants for the future.

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