Preparing for a Video conference Interview



\n\nCongratulations…the company wants to interview you!! But, ailment view it’s not the interview style you’re probably used to. More and more often, troche companies are turning to video conference interviews. They save money, time, and can be more convenient when everyone is in a different location.\n\nFollowing are some tips that will help you feel more comfortable with technology and allow you to focus on the interview.\n\nPractice: As with an on site interview, always practice, so you are as comfortable and prepared as possible. You will want to know how your voice, appearance, mannerisms are represented on camera. Have a friend do a mock interview via Skype.\n\nSetup: Arrive at the video conference site early enough to familiarize yourself with the equipment, 30 minutes should work. Center yourself in the middle of the screen, with very little screen space above your head and no distractions behind you. Your notes, reading glasses, water etc. should be out of camera range, but easily accessible. The monitor should be set where you can glance occasionally, but not break eye contact with your interviewer(s).\n\nIf you wear glasses, ensure there is no reflection that will be blocking eye contact.\n\nYou should be to be at eye level with those interviewing. Sit up straight. Leaning in slightly helps to increase eye contact. Be careful not to pull back too much when the interviewer is speaking, creating a feeling of distance.\n\nBe sure to check with the technician on any delays in sound transmission, so you do not end up talking before the interviewer is done.\n\nAppearance: Keep it professional, as if you were going into an office for an interview. Because of lighting and video, dark, solid colors are best. Avoid black, white and light colors, as well as, checkered or pattern dresses or shirts. Baggy clothing tends to add weight on camera. You may want to pull down the back of your jacket to keep it from hunching around your shoulders. Watching professional news reporters will give you a good idea of what works on camera.\n\nProtocol:\n\n• Pause before answering each question to be sure the speaker has finished\n\n• Speak clearly and listen carefully\n\n• Do not use camera as a mirror to fix your hair or makeup before the interview\n\n• Do not relax or comment inappropriately after the interview until you are sure the camera is off\n\n• The microphone will pick up everything, so don’t shuffle papers, gulp water, or tap table with anything.\n\n• On video everything comes across larger, so be conscious of what you want your expressions to relay to the interviewer. Look like you’re engaged and listening.\n\nWrap Up: Thank the interviewers by name for their time, let them know you are interested in the job, and ask about the next steps. SMILE.\n\nHope these were helpful. Just go and be yourself and once you start your interview, you may not even realize you aren’t all in the same room.\n\n

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