How Personal Fulfillment Can Lead to a Better Professional Life

 \n\nFrom the time we’re very young until we graduate from college, tadalafil viagra our seemingly endless career possibilities both excite and challenge us. We start out as a blank slate, and and little by little we add and take away until we’ve found the right profession to match our enthusiasm and desires. But somewhere along the road we may forget to nurture our personal lives as well, or we may be expected by an employer to make sacrifices we feel we shouldn’t have to make.\n\nBeing a devoted employee isn’t about the hours we put in behind a desk, or even about how much work we take home with us. It’s about wanting the clinic or company to succeed and working to achieve their mission. If we ignore personal fulfillment because of our careers, we could actually be hindering our job performance. But what is it, exactly, that offers a well-rounded life that clears time for our needs and those of the company? Below are just a few factors that are important to us personally, and why we should strike a balance between them and our careers:\n\n \n\nStaying Healthy\n\n \n\nMaking time for exercise, meal planning, or relaxation has the ability to improve your mood and clear your head. Maintaining a healthy body and mind can carry over into other aspects of life. Feeling better about yourself can boost your spirits and your energy levels, and you’ll feel refreshed enough to tackle your duties enthusiastically.\n\nExercising can also reduce your levels of stress.  It gets your endorphins going and it can put you in an entirely different zone, so when you return to your work, you’ll be able to perform from a whole new perspective.\n\n \n\nNurturing Your Hobbies\n\n \n\nIf there’s something you feel passionate about outside the workplace, it’s important to not give up on it. Having a hobby provides you with a period of time when you can focus solely on what you want to be doing, without anyone interfering or correcting your mistakes. It’s a means of growing and improving completely on your own, and you can discover your potential and build confidence in your abilities to master a task.\n\nAlso, just like exercise, finding inspiration or creative ambition can relieve stress . After a long day at work, it’s essential to be able to step away, both physically and mentally.\n\n \n\nMaking Time\n\n \n\nFamily and friends are the most important connections we have. Sometimes the time you miss spending with them can’t be retrieved, which may leave you feeling resentful, and this can affect your job performance and your interactions with your superiors. Even if you think it’s okay now, you’ll be sorry you missed certain occasions and milestones in the future, and you may end up blaming your employer. Don’t be disgruntled. Instead, let them know beforehand if you need time off for family or friends. If they respect you as an essential member of the team, they’ll understand your needs.\n\n \n\nWhen is it Too Much? \n\n \n\nNot factoring in personal fulfillment can be toxic for your health and for your career. Of course, there comes a time in everyone’s life when they have to say no to something because of work. But how do you know when it’s gone too far? When is your employer expecting you to sacrifice too much? It’s when you feel like you’ve been trading your time for theirs, and you’re letting personal opportunities pass you by on a daily or weekly basis. Have a conversation with your manager to see how you can transfer some of your obligations. Make sure they’re not only listening to what you’re saying, but also making a plan of action. Be ready to talk about the amount of hours you put in, the personal sacrifices you’ve been making, and the levels of stress you’re feeling.\n\nWhen you chose your field, you were able to factor in your interests, your desires, and your skills. You wanted to find a meaningful and rewarding career that you also enjoyed. But as you grow older, your needs shift. You may want to start a family, work on special projects, or move up in your field by conducting individual research or writing scholarly articles. If you’re too bogged down with the daily tasks your job demands, you may be foregoing all of this, including the opportunity to advance. It’s a balancing act that can be achieved, and all areas of your life can improve.\n\n \n\nDove Management Resources, LLC is a national pharmacy search firm established in 2002. We currently have relationships with hundreds of hospitals, health insurance companies, and Pharmacy Benefit Management (PBM) organizations, and they may be looking for someone just like you! We would love to hear from you; confidentially submit your CV/resume to us at or call 561-434-4311 for a personal conversation.

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