Generation Gaps in the Workplace

Working Together: Bridging the Generation Gaps at the Workplace\n\nThe good part of being a part of a clinical team is that every member shares similar career interests, viagra canada here and everyone is committed to the health and safety of the patients. The team works together to fulfill the mission of the clinic or pharmacy by implementing, drugstore developing, remedy and following the best policy practices. Everyone can feel like they play a major role in a functioning system.\n\nBecause a healthcare career is stable and long-lasting, many people choose to stay with their clinic or pharmacy for many years, taking advantage of upward mobility while remaining loyal. Every year pharmacies and clinics welcome a new graduating class and the staff grows, but the generation gaps seem to widen. These gaps aren’t just measured by numbers of years; they are also measured by the changing world, an almost entirely different method of education or training, and unique mindsets. So how do we bridge the gap to find a comfortable and effective middle ground?\n\nUnderstand the Differences\n\nIt sounds cliché, but the first step is to admit there will be a difference between the seasoned pharmacists and the newcomers. Instead of ignoring it or expecting one group to conform to the other’s ideals, try to find a common ground to start from. Address any major differences from the beginning and any issues you foresee in the future. Keep your mind open to change, it could be for the better.\n\nCommunicate Effectively\n\nThe pharmacy has certain policies in place for a reason, and there is logic to why it has run so effectively for so long. Make sure you’re communicating the policies and practices of the clinic in a way that helps others understand why you do it that way. Don’t just tell, but explain.\n\nCommunication involves listening as well as speaking. Leave room for ideas for improvement, and include everyone when offering opportunities to voice opinions for change. When employees feel like they’re being heard, it can boost morale, which can in turn lead to better patient care.\n\n \n\nBe Open to Learning\n\nLearning isn’t a one way street, it doesn’t move from only the top down. Everyone has something to offer, and being a part of a functioning team means everyone can learn from each other, and everyone’s voice should be heard.\n\nThe veterans have been with the clinic for a long time, and they understand the policies and practices better than anyone. They have also dealt with unfamiliar issues in the past and have overcome certain obstacles. A younger generation has grown up in a time when technology has always been a part of their lives, and they’ve constantly been adapting to newer and more innovative forms of it. Finding a way to bridge expertise will lead to a wider base of knowledge for everyone.\n\nRecognize the Positive First\n\nPeople of a certain generation likely have distinct attitudes and values that may be unique to them and their peers. It doesn’t mean that one generation is better, it just means different. Instead of zooming in on the minor characteristics, recognize how a person acts positively, and how their positivity affects others. Zone in on the areas in which they are competent, and if the negative is something that needs to be addressed, first discuss the qualities in them that you admire.\n\nBuilding the Bridge\n\nThe twentieth and twenty-first centuries have been unique in that technological advancements and innovation seem to happen at an exponentially rapid rate. The generation gaps seem to be widening, even though the years between aren’t any different. And since the healthcare industry is growing, including the health-related programs at colleges and universities, there’s no avoiding working together. The best method is to find harmony so you and your clinic can offer the best possible patient care.\n\nAs the years go by, one thing will never change: we’ll constantly be surprised and amazed at the differences we see between generations. But we’ll also be surprised at how much we can learn and move forward professionally when we open our minds and listen. Be attentive and thoughtful, and amaze even yourself at the possibilities for growth.\n\n \n\n 

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