Five Characteristics of A Good Healthcare Leader

 \n\nThe world of health care is constantly changing. Researchers are making breakthroughs at a rapid rate, pilule pills new medications are being tested every day, clinic and and technological advancements are improving the ease and speed in which doctors care for patients. Without proper leadership (at both the industry level and the supervisory level within clinics), pills it would be nearly impossible to keep up.\n\nBut how does one succeed at leading effectively? It isn’t all about remaining on top of industry advancements. It encompasses so much more. Below are five traits that it takes to lead in the healthcare industry:\n\n \n\nCompassionate\n\n \n\nMost leaders start from the bottom and work their way up. They enter the profession for the same reason most people do: they’re passionate about serving patients and healing the community. The main focus isn’t to be in charge, it’s to offer quality care so patients can lead a healthy life. It’s about guiding people on their path to wellbeing. Effective leaders are always aware of their own professional mission, as well as that of the clinic, and they work hard to put it to use.\n\n \n\nCommunicative\n\n \n\nHealthcare industry leaders often have excellent communication skills, because they need to present their ideas in a concise manner and be able to delegate to others with coherent directions. Communicating effectively keeps a clinic running smoothly. But it’s not just about being able to address policies and procedures or offer directives, it’s also about giving positive feedback and offering words of encouragement. Employees want to know when they’re doing a good job, not just when they’ve slipped up.\n\n \n\nCommunication is a two-way street: it involves listening, as well. Effective communicators are ones that can listen and absorb the concerns of the team and make positive changes based on this discourse.\n\n \n\nInteractive\n\n \n\nSometimes when we think of industry leaders, we think of someone sitting in a big office, far removed from the reality of everyday life at the clinic. This is not the case, however (or it shouldn’t be). Leaders interact with not only their team of employees, but also the patients, other clinical leaders, or any relevant groups or community forums. They don’t rely on information to be streamlined from the bottom to the top, but instead create a web in which all members interact with each other in order to improve.\n\n \n\nInspiring\n\n \n\nLeaders are mentors, they help guide us on our own path in our professional lives. They inspire us to do good and to keep our true passions in the forefront of our careers. They don’t keep people down, they pave a way for others to follow in their steps. The right leadership can help a team grow and improve morale.\n\n \n\nOptimistic\n\n \n\nThe healthcare industry is in the process of undergoing major changes, from the Affordable Care Act to advancements in technology. Those that will come out on top are the ones who see opportunity instead of defeat. More insured Americans means there’s potential for more patients, and although new technology often comes with a difficult transition period, in the end it can help you offer better care. Embracing change, and being optimistic about the results, is one way in which a leader can inspire their team to succeed.\n\n \n\nThe Leader Within Us All\n\n \n\nThe future of the healthcare industry is in the hands of those that are passionate about improving and moving forward. People who understand that optimal health and wellbeing is attainable and who work hard to see it put to practice are emerging as quality members of the profession. Everyone has it in them to succeed, so put your own leadership skills to use. Inspire, encourage, and ignite the passion in others.\n\n \n\nDove Management Resources, LLC is a national pharmacy search firm established in 2002. We currently have relationships with hundreds of hospitals, health insurance companies, and Pharmacy Benefit Management (PBM) organizations, and they may be looking for someone just like you! We would love to hear from you; confidentially submit your CV/resume to us at or call 561-434-4311 for a personal conversation.

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