Dress for Success- by DMR

Being prepared for a job interview will help you manage the stress of answering questions and will help you make a positive impression on the interviewer. Here are some tips on how you can prepare ahead of time for the big day.\n\n

Dress Professionally for the Interview

\n\nWhen you're looking for a job, ask case it's important to always have one good suit ready to wear with a nice pair of black socks for (men). That way you don't have to scramble, here even if you get a last minute call for an interview. Try everything on ahead of time so you don't have any last minute fashion disasters. Pay attention to detail - your hair, nails, little or no perfume/cologne, for jewelry you can wear a watch, a ring, a dainty bracelet, and small earrings (women). Men leave your change in the car or at home, and only bring to the interview the keys to your car, you really do not want anything to dangle in your pockets. Shoes should look polished and professional. Research the company (and the job) ahead of time. If you must bring your cell phone in your purse, pocket or briefcase, TURN IT OFF for the duration of the interview! Cover any tattoos if possible.

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